BOA Smart Camera – How to set up and develop machine vision application

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BOA smart camera is one of top performing camera’s from Teledyne Dalsa. BOA is a highly integrated optical inspection tool for controlling quality and increasing productivity. It comprises all the elements of an industrial machine vision system in a tiny smart camera style package. Smart camera unit packaged with choice of embedded software, BOA offers user a robust and flexible automated inspection system that is so easy to set up, configure and run for your application need.

What you need to setup up BOA

1. BOA smart camera

2. Lenses

3. Lights (For strobing)

4. Cables (Power and data transmission)

5. Breakout module

6. PC/Laptop with windows XP IE 6 or above

What kind of applications you can run (inbuilt)

1. Measurement of basic shapes

2. Concentricity check

2. Distance measurement

3. Edge detection

4. Object counting

5. Average grey scale intensity measurement

6. Linear and 2D bar code reading

7. Pattern matching

8. Character reading (OCR)

9. Measure along path

And more

You can learn more in the video tutorial below

Interestingly this can be used for various applications across industries. If you need assistance please contact us email: info@qualitastech.com

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