Visual Process Automation

Automate Manual Visual Processes
With AI & Deep Learning

Parts Counting

From Tiny Sub Millimeter Precision Parts To Large Packaging Materials
Counting small parts with huge quantities requires swift and accurate inspection system for the accurate results which is hard for human eyes to catch. Machine vision can be used where human visual processes are not reliable and can lead to errors.
Be it Piston Rings, Pharmaceutical Vials, or tiny casted components for Jewelry, Qualitas EagleEye® provides parts counting solutions for all industrial counting needs.
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Benefits Of Parts Counting Solutions

Simple or Complex, Count With Accuracy

Easy to train using a point-and-click interface.
Easy to count tiny parts at higher volume.
Accurate and precise counting module.
Quick counting of parts with complex shapes.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Reading Complex Characters Simplified

Using Machine Vision, achieve the purpose of identification, verification, tracing, and tracking of character codes and data to read printed characters on packaging labels, currency, credit cards, automotive parts like chassis, etc. With EagleEye® identify characters to read on various surfaces like metallic, plastic, paper, etc with 100 percent accuracy.

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Examples of Qualitas EagleEye® OCR Solutions

Read Characters With Outright Accuracy

  • Easy to train using a point and click interface.
  • Read any style of character even if it differs from the image library, used for training.
  • Higher accuracies, comparable to human read rate with superfast processing time.
  • Supports multiple fonts and sizes.

Inventory Tracking

Keep Check On Inventory Footprints With
Machine Vision Solutions

Monitoring and tracking inventory efficiently in large companies is of utmost importance and large teams are deployed for the same while small companies spend a lot of time on inventory insights. A large amount of capital is invested in inventory tracking without getting the desired yield. Qualitas EagleEye® helps to overcome these challenges with machine vision solutions specifically built for inventory tracking.

Visual Process Automation Case Studies

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