EagleEye Inspection System

● An Advanced Vision Inspection System powered by Deep Learning
● A fully integrated, plug and play solution - 4 easy steps for installation


Specially designed for Manufacturers and Machine Builders

EagleEye Inspection System
Value for Machine Builders and System Integrators:
  • Multiple choices of inferencing hardware making it cost-optimal solution for your specific need
  • Training on the cloud – no need for expensive GPU hardware investments and maintenance
  • Deployment management – keep track of all your installations and their performance right from one place
Value for Manufacturers:
  • Enhanced, Accurate and Consistent Quality Control Automation
  • Modular Image Acquisition with multiple choices of resolutions, lighting and optics.
  • Complete traceability of quality inspection steps with images
  • Business analytics and statistics of quality parameters
  • A web dashboard to monitor System performance and Accuracy – providing 100% visibility into system performance

EagleEye Core Features

There are countless reasons why our service is better than the rest, but here you can learn about why we’re different.

Modular Image Acquisition

The EagleEye comes with a module design with the choice of image resolution, fixed focal length optics and illumination. Illumination choices include spot light, dome light, ring light and bar light.

Easy to Label and Teach Software Interface

Once the camera module has been installed, images captured will be sent to our cloud application for annotation and teaching. Using a simple point and click software interface, images can be labeled which is then trained using a Deep Learning training module.

One-step deployment and customizable Edge Inferencing Interface

Trained models are deployed “over the air” using a one-click deployment interface. Once deployed the autonomous vision system is able to autonomously inspect the images captured and results are obtained.

Continuous performance and accuracy monitoring

Continuous performance and accuracy monitoring with closed-loop re-training for error corrections can be done using the cloud based application.

4 Step Process to the EagleEye

Inspection Module Installation
for Image Capture
EagleEye Camera comes with an integrated cameras, lens, lighting and lens.
With a flexible but rugged industrial mounting arm, we can easily install the camera on your assembly line and trigger it for image acquisition
Annotation and Teaching using
the Training System
Using a simple marking tool, we can teach the system on the various parameters that you want the system to inspect.
Once labelling is completed, we can train an AI Solution which can be used for inspection.
Teaching can be done using a cloud application or on a local server.
Deployment of ‘trained’ inspection solution
to the Inspection System
Once training is done, the solution is deployed through the cloud interface (with a simple press of a button).
This will update the “Inspection System” to start the inspection
Results of the inspection is stored and monitored for inspection accuracy.
Fine-tuning and accuracy improvements
Fine tuning the images by verifying it whether it is proper or not. If it is wrongly predicted the image is sent for “re-teaching”
Want to conduct 100% Inspection with EagleEye?

EagleEye Inspection Modules

EagleEye Count

Identify and Count the number of given objects seen by the cameras. Examples can be counting of Piston Rings, Jewelry Parts, Child Parts of an assembly, etc.

EagleEye Inspect

Inspect a given surface or part for surface defects and anomalies.

EagleEye Match

Identify and match operation. Example, identification of a product SKU, match a Logo, etc.

EagleEye Read

Optical Character Recognition

EagleEye OCR Read a string (OCR) from the image

EagleEye Verify

Verify a given assembly

EagleEye Benefits

Plug & Play

Qualitas EagleEye Inspection System comes with an integrated camera and mounting arm.. Installing the camera will take less than an hour!

No Programming

Advanced Deep Learning Training algorithms make teaching the inspection system extremely simple. No programming required to solve even the most complex inspection tasks with extremely high accuracy and speed.

Performance Measurement and Tracking

With our web-based performance and performance grading system, you’ll never miss a defect and ensure the system is performing at the required level of accuracy and efficiency.

Want to conduct 100% Inspection with EagleEye?

EagleEye Applications

Qualitas EagleEye inspection system can be used in any type of industry where quality control is necessary. Data collected by this system helps to improve the efficiency in the production line. This inspection system provides manufacturing companies to conduct 100 % inspection of parts or components for quality control purposes. If you want to improve the quality and efficiency of your industry then this inspection system is a better solution.

Print Verification and Reading on Pharma packaging

Inspection of
Taper Roller

Ring Counting

Inspection of
Internal Parts of

Inspection of

Inspection of RPP
and Deadener in
Automotive Paint Shops

Tare Weight
Reading of LPG

2-Wheeler Component
Identification in
Paint Shop

Want to conduct 100% Inspection with EagleEye?