Our Services

Machine Vision R&D Consultancy

If you’re a manufacturing company and interested in exploring what AI and Machine Vision can do for your business, we can engage in our R&D consultancy services.

The engagement starts with a detailed study of your manufacturing processes and identifying potential areas where Machine Vision can be a good fit. This is typically a 3-day engagement with the following outcomes

  • One day introductory seminar on Machine Vision and AI for your project team.
  • Detailed Study of your manufacturing problems and processes.
  • Detailed report Conceptualization potential solutions for your top three problem areas along with ROI and estimated investment range.

Proof of Concept Development

As a manufacturing company with no prior experience with Machine Vision and AI, engaging in a Proof of Concept is a great way to get started with Machine Vision and understanding the power it has in unleashing its potential for your business. We’ve seen a number of machine vision projects failing to meet its intended objectives due to unmet promises by vendors and their sales staff, so the best way to avoid this is to see it in action for your specific problem areas and get educated about its advantages and challenges. This can engagement can be anywhere from 15 days to a month with the following outcome:

  •     Introductory seminar on Machine Vision and AI for your project team.
  •     Detailed Study of your manufacturing problems and processes.
  •     Details Statement of Work for the Proof of Concept Project.
  •     Online image acquisition on your assembly line.
  •     Machine Vision solution development for the target problem.
  •     Fine-tuning and accuracy improvements.
  •     Detailed report with conclusions and next steps.

Machine Vision Training

We have a number of prepared training courses for your project team on Machine Vision and latest technologies like line scan imaging, 3d machine vision, Artificial Intelligence. Choose one of the existing courses or we can customize a specific training curriculum based on your specific needs. We can provide training either at our training centre in Bangalore or we can train your team at your premises.

This engagement can last anywhere from 3 – 5 days and comes with a mix of classroom lectures and videos along with practical hands-on practise sessions for attendees. Certification of completion will be provided at the end of successful completion.