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Up-to-speed With New Age Machine Vision Standards

Machine Vision R&D Consultation

Explore The Scope Of AI & Deep Learning In Machine Vision

If you’re a manufacturing company and interested in exploring what AI and Machine Vision can do for your business, you can engage in our R&D consultancy services.

The engagement starts with:

  • Detailed study of your manufacturing processes
  • Identifying potential areas where Machine Vision can be a good fit
Machine Vision Consultation

3-Step Engagement Program

3 Step Process - Qualitas Technologies
Proof Of Concept - Machine Vision Setup

Proof of Concept Development

Learn Machine Vision Through Demonstration

Engaging in a Proof of Concept is a great way to get started with Machine Vision and understand the power it has in unleashing its potential for your business. A number of machine vision projects fail to meet their intended objectives due to unmet promises by vendors and their sales staff, so the best way to avoid this is to see it in action for your specific problem areas and get educated about its advantages and challenges.

Get A POC In 2 Weeks

Qualitas Engagement Program

Machine Vision Training

Empower your team with cutting edge skills and technology

We have prepared special training courses for your project teams on Machine Vision, which can also be customized as per your specific needs.We currently offer the following curriculum:

  • Basic: Introduction to Machine Vision. Develop an end-end solution
  • Advanced: Line Scan Imaging
  • Advanced: 3d Machine Vision
  • Advanced: Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence
    Get trained at your premises or visit our training center in Bangalore.

3-Day Engagement Training Program

Machine Vision Course

Get Consulted By Our Machine Vision Experts