Robotic Guidance

In the factory of the future, most of the operations will be done by autonomous robots that need visual feedback to move around the working space avoiding obstacles, to work collaboratively with humans, to identify and locate the working parts, etc. A number of  vision techniques, such as photogrammetry, stereo vision, structured light, time of flight and laser triangulation, among others, can be used for inspection and quality control processes in the industry and for robot guidance. Choosing which type of vision system to use is highly dependent on the parts that need to be located or measured.

At Qualitas we can interface with a number of industrial robots like Kuka, Fanuc, ABB, Yaskawa, etc to communicate the coordinates of a found location to the robotic controller. With flexible camera configurations depending on the resolution required, we can customize the imaging hardware to suit the application needs. With our standard Qualitas EagleEye Software suite, applications can be easily developed to perform the required tasks.


The robots are easily programmable to handle repeatable activities with high levels of accuracy.
Robots are easier to use and flexible and can perform activities that could not be performed using manual labor.
They can work continuously 24×7 and can help maintain optimum production levels.
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