Robotic Guidance

Adding Sight to Robots in

Factories with Qualitas EagleEye®


Accurate, precise and easy to integrate vision guidance for your robots. Easily train part identification, calibrate and synchronize vision coordinate systems with your Robot Coordinate System and add flexibility to your Robotic Picking or Gripping operations with the power of Vision.

Benefits With Robotic Guidance

Perform Visually Assisted Robotic Operations

The robots are easily programmable to handle repeatable activities with high levels of accuracy and precision.
They can work continuously 24×7 and can help maintain optimum production levels.
Robots are easier to use and flexible and can perform activities that could not be performed using manual labor.

We Guide World Renowned Industrial Robots

At Qualitas, we can interface with a number of industrial robots like Kuka, Fanuc, ABB, Yaskawa, etc. to communicate the coordinates of a found location to the robotic controller.

Key Features: 
  • Flexible camera configurations depending on required resolutions
  • Customizable imaging hardware to suit the application needs
VGR Setup, Vision Guided Robotics
Vision guided Robot, Vision Integrated Robot
Pick and place, robotic vision

We Will Guide You With Machine Vision Guided Robotics