Robotic Guidance

Vision Guided Robotics to enhace robotic pick and place operations with precision guidance

Robotics are increasingly being used to automate industrial tasks and processes. Although fixed positioned Robotic Processes are common, this is not always the case, and dynamic positioning systems are the order of the day. This is where VGR (Vision Guided Robotics technology) plays a part.  Qualitas Technologies has developed a standard solution for guiding robots using machine vision to a specific location or part for further operation (pick, place, weld, etc). Qualitas can interface with a number of industrial robots like Kuka, Fanuc, ABB, Yaskawa, etc to communicate the coordinates of a found location to the robotic controller. With flexible camera configurations depending on the resolution required, we can customize the imaging hardware to suit the application needs. With our standard Qualitas EagleEye Software suite, applications can be easily developed to perform the required tasks.


Highly efficient
Easily programmable
Flexible & reliable
High operational accuracy
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