Qualitas Technologies showcases line scan technology at Automation 2011

By October 4, 2011October 29th, 2023Blogs

We at Qualitas have been hard at work trying to develop solutions for high speed printing. Traditional Area Scan cameras don’t typically work for continuous scanning in a web. The challenges are limited frame rates which don’t match up to the web speeds. This becomes even more challenging as the required resolutions are higher – which would then require area scan system with both high frame rates as well as large resolutions. Another challenge is the synchronization of frame triggers with Area Scan cameras – makes for challenging electronics!

Line scan applications overcome these limitations with the use of single line scanning with high scan rates (typically 8, 16, 36 Khz). Take a look at a setup that we have used for hologram Inspections below:

Line scan inspection of a hologram roll

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