Surface Defects Detection

By May 26, 2019January 24th, 2022Quality Control Insights
Surface Defects Detection

Surface defects are the most challenging issue in almost every manufacturing industry. Whether it is an automotive Industry or any other, surface quality is key to maintain it’s functional and visual appearance. However, that is one which is done mostly as a manual process.  As a result of manual decision making, quality is inconsistent.  For that reason, Qualitas has developed a Surface Defect Inspection System that used in many industries for identifying surface defects.

This advanced inspection system uses Artificial Intelligence for teaching and training the system for defects. Quality control through automated surface defect inspection has been an important factor to increase production without hampering the quality of the product. Imagine that you’re trying to teach a quality inspector on what anomaly constitutes an unacceptable anomaly and what constitutes an acceptable anomaly; you will teach them by using examples. Training this system would be very similar to that, and just as easy. For more details you can check our solution page here:

Surface Defect Inspection Setup

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