Piston Ring Counting

By May 28, 2019May 7th, 2024Quality Control Insights
Piston Ring Counting

Qualitas Technology has developed a Piston ring counting machine, which is used to count piston rings that are placed on a ring holder. This machine can count 20 + different models of rings included rairs, top rings, spacers and mid rings. A wide variety of diameter and thickness of rings is supported ranging from a minimum thickness of 0.25mm. Its main objective is to reduce the counting time and to increase the accuracy in counting during the packing process.

Monitor Tab:

  • Image Window: For displaying the image.
  • Model selection: For selecting models.
  • Inspection result: For displaying the Total Count.
  • Capture button: To trigger the machine

Reporting Tab:

  • Filter: For applying the Date wise and Model wise filters.
  • Export Data: To save the data in notepad.
  • Statistics: Gives the total pass count and total fail count along with pass and fail percentage.

Setting Tab:

  • Save Image path: For saving the image.
  • Solution Path: For giving the location.

Cloud backup:

  • Filter: For filtering the images to be backed up.
  • Internet Status: For displaying the current status of the Internet.
  • Check for Update Button: For checking if any updates are available for Solution as well as the .exe file.


  • Minimizes the Cycle time.
  • Reduces Man Power.
  • Better than other alternatives as it provides accurate results.
  • Easy Integration with a system.

Our Proposed parts counting application uses machine vision which is widely used in the various industries and helps in solving all the productivity-related problems and at the same time meets the customer’s expectation. Currently, the company has deployed many machines for counting and packing the piston rings.

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