Effects Of Augmented Reality Startups On The Logistics Industry

By November 10, 2020January 12th, 2023Quality Control Insights
augmented reality technology

According to Shivendra (RnD Director Of Qualitas Technologies), Augmented Reality is a collaborative real-time experience with digital information. Elements such as graphics, sound, or even smell of real-life are combined with super-imposed images or animated videos using a mobile camera or a special headgear. With this kind of technology, it is of no surprise that augmented reality is taking over logistics markets. A report by Fortune suggests that the global AR/VR market is set to grow worth $227 billion by 2029”

Augmented Reality is largely influencing the logistics sector of industries by improving several facets of company functioning.

Some of the most advanced key aspects include:

  • More efficiency among workers as interactive AR generates overlaid commandments on to the assembly line.
  • Well-conducted stock and inventory management by engaging factory workers in guided picking.
  • Efficient directives involving location and assembly of parts during training sessions for trainees using AR headsets.
  • AR is highly useful in conducting thorough check-ups of machinery, identifying breakdowns, and upgrading operational processes.

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Real-time Display of Superimposed Data

Together with Artificial Intelligence(AI), Internet of Things(IoT) devices, innovative image recognition technology, computing power, internal databases, and AR devices,  robust analyzing machines are produced. They are highly useful in providing significant and eccentric augmentation besides simple AR superimposed instructions and information. Industries make use of AR in various ways for example:

  • They are utilized for continuous monitoring of machinery and report the temperature of each in real-time.
  • AR overlaid information regarding the condition of vehicles, containers, or fleets.
  • Display of loading capacities of containers, vehicles, and warehouses with efficient loading features by optimizing space.

Helps optimize last-mile delivery, un-loading procedures, and guarantees better packaging and transportation of goods.

Stock and Inventory Management

Augmented Reality also serves great benefit in advanced stock and inventory management. Locating the pickup or delivery point is a lot easier as workers are engaged in ‘guided’ pickup. This makes the process a lot faster and well-organized. The potential of AR to help logistics personnel to assemble, handle, and record data with accuracy and speed is what makes it take over traditional logistics industries. Uses of AR in stock and inventory management include:

  • AR influenced devices for route guidance.
  • Gamify picking and ‘guided’ picking processes.
  • Smart glasses with barcode scanning mechanism.
  • Superimposing of information regarding warehouse/logistics.


Guided AR Instructions

Interactive and flexible AR devices are greatly helpful for briefing lengthy and complex manuals into concise instructions. Companies make use of AR in various ways:

  • AR technology utilizes AR headsets to confer directions or navigation among workers by delivering the most efficient route within the warehouse with real-time loading/unloading instructions.
  • AR headsets facilitate maintenance instructions.
  • AR headgears or smart glasses enable hands-free operations, thus increasing accuracy and efficiency for professionals and guiding the new trainees.

Bhaskar Bhattacharya (Major: Human Computer Interaction) – AR guided assembly viewers have been
developed and found to benefit end-users considerably. It has reduced the cognitive load on the user, reduced assembly times, increased quality, and reduced training time. AR guided assembly viewers have also, in some cases, removed the advantage that experts have over nonexperts

Efficient Training and Learning Process

To enhance efficiency and conduct within the organization, it is necessary to train trainees or new employees in a faster but constructive manner which is easily achieved with the help of augmented reality. The important aspects include:

  • AR is of great help in facilitating a user-friendly guide to all the features of logistics functions and processes for the rookies. 
  • The fully automated functioning of AR enables new workers to deliver efficient and quality work.
  • Since new workers are completely guided with the help of AR devices, it greatly reduces the need for supervisors. Therefore, reducing the workload of senior staff or supervisors. 
  • Another important feature of the augmented reality guidance system is that it provides real-time training instructions which helps the trainees in real-time error correction. Thus AR training system is outdating traditional manual training systems.

Benefits Of AR Training

According to Forbes Magazine & VR Vision Group –  In the workplace, AR can enhance the learning and comprehension of both trainees and seasoned workers. Additionally, AR can boost employee engagement and safety awareness, alleviate training costs and lower learning curves.

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Some AR Startups Disrupting The Logistics Industry:

  • Augmented Pixels – They develops SLAM SDK to utilize multiple sensor inputs to produce precise position or location. SLAM is Simultaneous Location and Mapping which is a computer vision technology for tracking and locating purposes. They also provide AI-based drones and robots for precise indoor navigation and easy management and utilize AR technologies for visualization and controlling aspects.
  • DHL’s Innovative Supply Chain – DHL has laid a certain division that aims to improvise its logistics business with AR technology. With AR, they have greatly improved their pickup and shipping processes.
  • GetVu – GetVu uses AR headsets or headgears where order details are displayed and it assists them with efficient shipping processes. They are not only efficient in tracking or locating the shortest route but also turns work into a gaming experience

The innovation of Augmented Reality is surely a revolutionary improvement in the tech world. To provide better services than the rest, AR startup companies are fast emerging which is greatly disrupting the traditional logistics industry.

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