Accuracy Measurement

By January 30, 2012January 24th, 2022Quality Control Insights
Accuracy Measurement | Qualitastech | India

The team at Qualitas has recently developed a solution for MAP sensor inspection which requires high level of measurement accuracy.

The application required checking for the presence of capacitors along with their placement. This was augmented with presence and weld quality inspection of NTC leads. An inspection time of no greater than 500ms was expected for each component. Most critical and challenging is to inspect miniature component within desired positional accuracy.

Problem Analysis & Solution Setup:

Detailed analysis by our team of specialists resulted in a configuration consisting of a 5MP camera system; a 12mm field of depth Telecentric lens combined with a high speed 2nd generation desktop PC. A blue DOAL light was used for illumination.

Dalsa Ipd’s iNspect software with the above hardware system seemed to help us achieve the required speed and accuracy. A Serial External IO module was used to supplement the need of 4 inputs and 5 outputs.

Trial and Installation Challenges:

The main challenge here was that the component inspection with regard to capacitor placement and NTC weld quality were being done three stages apart from each other. This required training two separate solutions for each inspection stage and automatic selection of solution according to the inputs from PLC. This involved integrating the PLC with the External 8 I/O module.

Training the solution to reject every possible defect for various models of the same sample involved a lot of analysis along with numerous trials and consequently, 16 tools were used for the complete inspection.

We used Inputs from PLC and provided different Outputs for Capacitor and NTC Weld quality to be read by PLC and Accept or Reject parts automatically.

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