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By July 4, 2013February 11th, 2022About Qualitas

We at Qualitas are pleased to make available the opportunity for our clients to have a running real-time quality assurance system integrated onto their line as an extended trial, aimed to provide a 100% analysis of the present quality of products manufactured.

It is very difficult to determine the quality of the production process through manual inspection of components. Through real time analysis using vision, our system can aid in figuring out the quality of the products produced in a fool-proof way. The results of the system, along with the log sheet and the images logged, can help in identifying the number of faulty products being produced per batch, shift, day, week etc.

Take a look at the following graphs we generated and produced to a client of ours with our inspection system doing the grunt work of identifying the 3 different defects in their product. The line was running 24 hours, 3 shifts a day and our Vision System was installed for the entire period of June performing Quality Analysis.

The above graph gives an idea of the number of defects occurring classified by type of defect on a day to day basis. The next two graphs provide a shift based split up of the defects and type on the running line.

The two graphs above provide two very critical information regarding the production process.

1. Indicates to the client that  defect 1 is very high in occurrence and hence critical to eliminate.

2. Indicates that the maximum defects occur consistently during Shift 3 (10 pm to 6 am). Sorting out any issues during this period resulting in poorer quality products can aid in increasing throughput.

Such data, along with detailed reports and images logged of all faulty products, can be the right tonic to figure out the factory efficiency, bottlenecks in production and number, type and time of defective products being manufactured.

The client can then take a call as to how critical the need is, where it is most critical for QA to be foolproof and need for factory automation for Quality.

Do get in touch with us to discuss more regarding any of your critical inspection issues.

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