Taking off with Airbus

By March 1, 2017February 14th, 2022About Qualitas
Airbus Group

Our journey with Airbus has been been eventful over the past year. Qualitas was selected as part of the Airbus Bizlab program in December 2015. It took a while to get things started as the program was new and the Airbus team was still figuring out who to get off the ground.

We had a lot of opportunities to meet with key people with the Airbus group and get connected and familiarized with their manufacturing and business processes. As a small company, this opportunity would have been otherwise very difficult.

One such high profile visit was with the French Foreign Minister (and ex-Prime Minister), Jean-Marc Ayrault. We had an opportunity to explain what our company does and be introduced to him and some of the business leaders that were accompanying him.

I also had a chance to visit and present my company in their HQ at Toulouse to discuss how Machine Vision and our technology can help automate some of the visual process steps undertaken by Airbus today. We’re hopeful this will convert to something big in the near future.

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