Airbus selects Qualitas for Bizlab

By February 6, 2016January 24th, 2022About Qualitas
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We’re pleased to announce the selection into Airbus Bizlab accelerator a prestigious accelerator program run by Airbus. The accelerator program which was initiated in Toulouse, France where Airbus is headquartered opened up it’s 2nd program in Hamburg Germany and now recently in Bangalore, India. The aim of this program is to select promising startups which can help bring innovation into the Aviation and Aerospace industry. As part of the selection process, startups were asked to pitch with an application. Later they were shortlisted and a screening committee which included which Airbus’s Chief Innovation Officer, Yann Barbaux andBruno Gutierres who is the head of the Airbus BizLabs conducted a pitch and interview session to select the final companies.

Locations of Airbus Bizlab accelerator program

Locations of Airbus Bizlab accelerator program

Qualitas technologies provides technology and solutions for automating quality control. Qualitas has established itself as a technology leader in the industrial automation industry and this will be a huge boost to enter the aerospace industry where quality demands are critical.

As part of this 6-month program, Qualitas will work hand in hand with the team at Airbus to learn and identify opportunities where its technology and solutions can be applied to both Airbus and it’s vendors.

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