Packaging Industry | How to tackle quality issues and improve throughput using Machine Vision

Packaging Industry Machine vision inspection - Qualitas TechnologiesIn the high speed and most sophisticated packaging industry, quality issues will have direct impact on the customer. Fortunately, majority of quality problems can be resolved using Machine Vision technology and vision sensors.

Most common found quality issues in food packaging are

  1. Missing caps, lids or open containers
  2. Misapplied labels
  3. Incorrect labels or wrong information

In a real time world, imagine you buy a packaged food from the store and later you realize it’s not properly sealed or content specification is not relevant or misprinting in dates & locations which will have serious impact on buyer as well as seller. These days consumer is so conscious and they would like to make right purchase decision based on information available with the product. It’s doesn’t end there

With everyone on their toes in busy work schedule environment and today’s food industry heading in a direction where high standard packaging is very essential for preserving the contents, availing right information, minimizing wastage and reducing preservatives. Therefore packaging quality is critical in helping ensure the final product is safe, well informed and secure for consumption.

Questions pops out of our mind, how can we stop this problem? Having strict quality check and automated online inspection will be perfect, thats where Machine vision takes center stage.

Qualitas Technologies has proven turnkey projects in Machine Vision particularly on printing/labeling/packaging inspection apart from our extensive experience on Automotive, FMCG, and Electronics etc. Our broader portfolio of Area scan, Line scan and Smart camera expertise provides complete solution to Packaging industry quality inspection.

There is an interesting business case study from Teledyne Dalsa with one of its food packaging industry customer, where multiple high resolution GigE cameras and Sherlock image processing software used for quality inspection. The objective of using Machine vision system is to improve throughput and accuracy, tackle challenges comes along with it.

Download case study now: Building a better packaging machine with cost effective, high performance machine vision tools using Dalsa camera

If you belong to packaging industry and like to see where you can optimize your production, meet better quality standards, have zero defects and so on; please call us for consulting and solution


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