Quality Assurance Systems

Automated Quality Control

For every product and goods that goes in and out of the factory, it is subjected to various quality inspection checks at different stages of the manufacturing process or at final inspection.

The aim of quality assurance is to streamline a production process so that finished products are more likely to meet the company’s quality criteria.

Having real-time data from the shop floor and manufacturing process is very handy; one of the ways to achieve this is to automate the quality inspection of manufacturing products.

The automated quality inspection also enables manufacturers to handle an Increasing number of product variants and shorter cycle time to market. Qualitas machine vision system adapts the latest technologies like IoT, cloud, and M2M.

Modern manufacturing faces challenges resulting from:
  • Widespread globalization of operations and supply chains
  • The persistent need to bring new concepts to market at an ever faster pace
  • Increasing customer expectations for superior quality
  • Pressure to deliver products in the most cost effective manner possible.

Therefore ensuring quality output has become very important to the entire manufacturing process. Qualitas has in-house expertise to develop custom solutions to meet your quality inspection process. We have robust processes to understand your manufacturing process, product quality requirement, existing production line and execute feasibility study. This allows us to provide you a suitable solution to meet your needs.

Qualitas has developed inspection systems that are successfully running in the field with almost zero maintenance and downtime. Our engineers will work closely with you to understand your need right from your product, manufacturing process, inspection parameters and level of automation required. Our goal is capture your requirement completely during the initial phase itself. Next step is to freeze design on mutual conces and keep regular updates on project progress until final commissioning of product. We have excellent after sales support and a comprehensive AMC to make sure we are closely bonded with our clients and ready to travel all through technology advanced phase.

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