At Qualitas, we are led by a team of industry experts in the area of Machine Vision and Industrial Automation solutions. Take a look at the people who run the show at Qualitas and get to know them




A passionate technologist, Raghava completed his Engineering from Bangalore University and a Masters from Washington State University where he was a research fellow. After several years in leadership roles at Epic Systems and Microsoft, Raghava returned from the US in 2011 and started operations in Bangalore. Raghava is passionate about reading and playing the guitar.

  • Vinay Arabatti
    Vinay Arabatti Technical Sales Manager
  • Shreemanth Reddy
    Shreemanth Reddy Project Manager
  • Aravind Ravindran
    Aravind Ravindran Software Team Lead
  • Sandeep D
    Sandeep D Application Engineer
  • Malar Shanmugam
    Malar Shanmugam Software Engineer
  • Manish Malvi
    Manish Malvi Regional Manager (West)
  • Anup Shastri
    Anup Shastri Technical Sales Engineer
  • Syed Jalal
    Syed Jalal Office Manager
  • Eshwar Manjunath
    Eshwar Manjunath Application Engineer
  • Gautham Narayanswamy
    Gautham Narayanswamy Application Engineer
  • Krishna Kanth
    Krishna Kanth Application Engineer
  • Adarsha CK
    Adarsha CK Application Engineer
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