Optical Character Recognition

Read complex characters with varying fonts and challenging backgrounds using cutting edge Artificial Intelligence technology

Qualitas Technologies has developed an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) solution based on cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

OCR using Machine Vision is commonly used to read characters printed on packaging labels, currency, credit cards, automotive parts like chassis, etc. Basically used for the purpose of identification, verification, tracing and tracking of character codes and data. Machine Vision OCR technology can also be used for ensuring the correctness of labels that are printed, this is especially important in pharmaceutical manufacturing.


The main differentiators over traditional OCR technologies is:

  • Easy to train using a point and click interface
  • It can read any style of character even if images differ in characteristics from the trained ones.
  • Much higher accuracies, comparable to human read rates, but with much faster processing time
  • Multiple fonts can be easily supported

Our solution uses Deep Learning for character recognition

Our solutions are running successfully across a variety of different industries and applications. Some images are shown as illustrative examples below.

Images Captured by the Vision System

OCR Scanner
Engine OCR
pharmaceutical technology
OCR online

The below example is where we’re using the latest deep learning technology to read complex and difficult-to-read characters. Deep Learning has been successful in achieving over 98% read rates, with over 97% accuracy in reading errors.

intelligent ocr
Cylinder OCR
OCR machine learning
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