Machine Builders And
System Integrators

Specialized Solutions For Machine
Builders and System Integrators


Machine Builders and System Integrators need to minimize costs and provide maximum value to their customers but face certain challenges:

Machine Builders have to deal with installation delays due to the complexity involved in the installation and commissioning process of machine vision solutions.

System Integrators source products from multiple vendors and face difficulty with the maintenance and solution corrections due to insufficient technical support from vendors.

Resolution With EagleEye®

Improving Efficiency With A Point & Click Interface

Qualitas Helps Machine Builders To…

  • Optimize costs by minimizing delay in installations with multiple choices of inferencing hardware for specific needs
  • Enhance offerings with low pricing and reduced complexity
  • Enhance offerings/capabilities with value addition to machines for an aesthetic feel besides functional efficiency

System Integrators Benefit From…

  • Shorter integration time and faster deployment with our technical support that extends to your end customers
  • Reduced complexities in maintenance and solution correction with after-sales support
  • Increased integration expertise with eased product training

Value For Machine Builders and Integrators

Differentiating Benefits

  • Cost optimized Image Acquisition and inferencing Hardware designed for LEAN Integration needs
  • Training on the cloud – no need for expensive GPU hardware investments and maintenance
  • Deployment management – keep track of all your installations and their performance right from one place
  • Accuracy Verification – Never struggle with high false positive errors. Fix them fast and quick with our fine-tuning workflow
Benefits for Machine Builders and System Integrators

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