Industrial PCs from Neousys

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Industrial PCs from Neousys

Qualitas is excited to announce a distribution partnership with Neousys Technologies to bring Neousys ‘ latest industrial PCs to the Indian market. Here at Qualitas we have always been on the lookout for a suitable computing platform for the factory and industrial environments, and we’ve finally found the ideal product having the best price to performance ratio. All Neousys PCs come with a fanless industrial chassis capable of  operating in a temperature  range of -25°C to 70°C. With a patented cassette design you can easily customize your PC to fit to meet your specific needs. What this means is that you only pay for what you need and use.

POC-200 is an ultra-compact PC with a new Intel® Atom™ Bay Trail processor. The POC-200 can deliver more than 200% performance over the previous D525/D2550 platform. It also features comprehensive I/O interfaces to make use of the advanced computing power available. Two Gigabit Ethernet and three USB 3.0 ports are integrated so you can connect GigE/USB3 cameras for vision applications. Its IEEE 802.3at PoE+ option is capable to supply 25.5W to each port to power you IP camera for surveillance or machine vision application.

Nuvo-5000 series is the next-generation fanless controller, with improved ruggedness, performance, and versatility. It supports a socket-type, 6th-Gen Core™ processors for flexible CPU selection from Pentium® to Core™ i7 according to your required performance.

Flexible embedded I/O functions including Gigabit Ethernet, USB3/USB2, COM and VGA/DVI/DP triple display outputs come standard and if they are not enough, Neousys’ patented Cassette offers an easy way for I/O expansion by installing an off-the-shelf PCIe/PCI card.

Nuvo-5000 further incorporates Neousys MezIO™, an interface which allows for cost-effective and reliable I/Os.

iVIS-200 is an Atom™ processing unit and is a very clever smart camera framework which allows you to build your own x86-based smart camera by integrating off-the-shelf cameras. This tiny package consists of

  • Internal GigE/USB3/USB2 camera interfaces,
  • DTIO technology for precise trigger/strobe control and built-in constant current/constant voltage LED controller driving an external LED light.
  • A 802.3at PoE capability, so you can simply access and power your smart camera with just one Ethernet cable.
  • A mechanical design that accommodates Basler Dart and Point Grey Chameleon3 board cameras and in an IP50 and an IP67 enclosure
  • It also has a mini-PCIe slot with SIM support for installing a 3G/4G/WIFI module.

With iVIS-200, you can quickly develop a smart camera based on Windows/Linux open platform and utilizing your already existing machine vision software like NI Labview, Cognex Vision Pro or any software which runs on a Linux or Windows platform.

These are some of the few products highlighted and the overall line of Neousys products cover a much wider range of computing products. You can get more information from Neousys Technologies website and for specific queries, reach out to us and we will be more than glad to assist you.

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