Parts Inspection

Supply Chain management is key to any manufacturing industry. Often it is necessary to track or audit movement of material within a specific manufacturing process. Barcodes and RFID work great, however, they have limitations and are also error-prone (if there are mistakes in the coding).

Qualitas has developed a visual inventory tracking system that can identify the product based on the image of the product. This is replicating how a human would do this task, except the system will do it faster and more accurately.  Use-cases, where this is applicable, are in the robotic paint shop,  automated warehouses, etc.

automotive parts identification using AI, Automated Parts Recognition
parts classification, gif, Automotive parts classification
object detection, Automated refrigerator inspection
Object recognition, AI in manufacturing

Our Inventory Tracking System is used in many industries

Teledyne Dalsa Camera


  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Pharmaceutical
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