Inventory Tracking

Most large companies have entire departments specifically designed to monitor and track inventory. Additionally, smaller companies spend a lot of time tracking their inventory. The reason inventory tracking receives so much attention from companies of all sizes can be summed up in one word: money. Companies spend huge amounts of money on inventory and want to know exactly where that inventory resides at any given time.


  • AUTOMATED STOCK TRACKING: Vision systems can help in maintaining healthy stock levels. Automated vision systems can keep an eye on the current inventory levels in warehouses and send regular alerts to the inventory management replenishment department when stock drops below a certain level. An automated purchase order can also be placed for replenishing stock depending on the level of the vision system.
  • REDUCING/MINIMIZING HUMAN ERROR: Using techniques like bar code scanning etc, vision systems can minimize errors resulting from human errors.
  • LOCATING/PICKING STOCK: As compared to traditional methods of locating stock items, machine vision-based inventory tracking could make the process of locating an item in your stock less time-consuming.
  • DETECTION OF DAMAGED GOODS: As compared to the human eye, machine vision-based solutions are much more accurate at identifying defective inventory as a human might miss out on defects of a smaller size.


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