Inspection Of Corrugated Box- Use Case

Inspecting Bar Codes And Defects On Corrugated Boxes For Safe And Quick Delivery Of Consignments

Corrugated box quality inspection

Being a leading company in packaging and supply, the client provides flexible packaging solutions to customers across the world, maximizing value for all stakeholders.

Corrugated boxes are used as secondary packaging of primary ones. These boxes protect products from exterior conditions.


  • Due to manual inspection, operators are missing out on checking gaps or holes present in the corrugated box on a moving conveyor line.
  • Boxes with unreadable barcodes are being shipped for delivery to the customers.


  • A complete solution for both barcode reading and classification of the defective boxes with a machine vision system.
  • Reduce existing false acceptance rate up to 5-7 percent.
  • To reroute the boxes having gaps or holes towards the rejection line.
  • To reject the boxes having unreadable QR codes.

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