Bearing Cage Defect Identification

By April 28, 2021January 24th, 2022Industry Use Cases
Bearing Cage

Since their inception in 1986, with over 1700 employees, our client is the largest manufacturer of precision bearing cages in the organized sector in India in terms of capacity and operations and amongst the leading manufacturers of precision bearing cages in the world with a market share of approximately 5% to 6% in the organized segment of the global brass, steel, polyamide bearing cages in terms of revenue.

Problems Faced By Our Client :

● The inspection of surface defects that could be present on bearing cages and also to classify them as processed and unprocessed based on the presence and absence of chamfer.
● This resulted in the deteriorated quality of the manufactured products because of human involvement. To get rid of the time consumption and achieve better accuracy, automation is something our client was looking for.
● The proposed system was to be installed in a quality assessment room integrated with a rotary bench setup. The diameter of bearing cages varied over a wide range. Achieving a depth of 80mm with a single camera, lens and fix working distance was another challenge.

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