Why Work With A Vision System Integrators?

By March 16, 2012January 24th, 2022Quality Control Insights
Why work with a vision system integrators?

An increased number of manufacturing companies are integrating vision systems into their production processes to meet quality demands. Although Vision System vendors can offer a wide range of products, what most do not realize is that machine vision is not just about procuring equipment and installing them. Even with what sometimes would seem an easy task, myriad skills and knowledge go into developing a robust and reliable machine vision solution. This is where a good Vision System Integrator comes in handy.

A Vision System Integrator invests time, skill and effort to analyze, design and develop a vision solution tailor-made to the customer’s requirements in terms of performance, robustness and reliability. The system integrator chooses the right camera, optics and lighting to build the best vision solution. These vision systems may be stand-alone inspection systems, in conjunction with ancillary equipment as conveyors or pick and place.

In addition, many integrators also  add value by providing their own application-related software. System integrators work with various machine vision vendors, whose support in tried successful applications come in handy to ensure that the customer is given the best possible solution with the least amount of time and effort. These integrators comprise of highly knowledgeable engineers who are available for product validation, training and solution support.  A vision system integrator is certainly a catalyst in successful implementation of a vision solution.

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