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By February 15, 2014May 2nd, 2024Quality Control Insights

Non-contact quality inspection is the most trending technology that’s where vision system has larger role to play.  In this post, we will explain how we can inspect automotive tires for dimensions such as run out, width, thickness, etc using a Gocator profile sensor. There are many requirements when we need to inspect tires for overall quality control which might prove a challenge for conventional 2D systems. Some of these requirements and the gocator feasibility is included below.

Irrespective of industry and product, every manufacturer wants to make sure their product is superior by quality which gives them competitive edge. Manual inspection has become cumbersome and non-reliable given the fact of high production rate, too many product variants etc. On the other hand, automated non-contact quality inspection very much reliable, digital result data, easy system integration and so on.

Tire Side Wall and Run Out Measurement

Inspection of tire side wall for defects such as bulge/depression in tire, run out uniformity, peak to peak inspection analysis for harmonics can be done using the gocator. The 3D information obtained from the height map can aid in this analysis. 

Sidewall Inspection

Reading of the Raised Pattern on the rubber tire for uniformity, quality etc can be carried out by reconstructing the entire pattern digitally.

Beads Filler Inspection

Tires are usually filled with beads and designs on their surface for friction purpose. In many cases we must inspect these beads for contour, shape and apex, checking of side wall reinforcements, chamfer etc.

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