Parts Counting

Simplify industrial piece counting with precision – from small parts to large packaging materials

Machine Vision can be used where human visual processes are not reliable and can lead to errors. One such example is in counting small parts, especially when the parts are in large numbers. Qualitas has developed a solution for counting small parts, be it Piston Rings, Pharmaceutical Vials or tiny casted components for jewelry.


The main benefits are:

  • Easy to train using a point and click interface
  • Much higher accuracies, comparable to manual counting, but with the much faster processing time

Our solution uses Deep Learning for counting small parts.

Our Proposed parts counting machine uses machine vision which is widely used in various industries and helps in solving all the productivity-related problems and at the same time meets the customer’s expectation. Currently, the company has deployed many machines for counting parts.

Our solutions are running successfully across a variety of different industries and applications. Some images are shown as an illustrative example below.

Automated Counting Using AI Vision System

automotive parts counting, CDK parts counting, Inventory tracking

Parts Counting

Qualitas has developed a visual inventory tracking system that can count the product based on the image of the product.

Piston Ring Counting, manufacturing parts counting

Piston Ring Counting

This machine is used to count piston rings and can count 20 + different models of rings ranging from a minimum thickness of 0.25mm.

Jewelry counting using vision system, complex part counting

Jewelry Counting

Using machine vision we can automate the jewelry parts counting process which gives error free results.
vial counting, tiny part counting

Vial Counting

Using an overhead camera, our software can be trained to detect the number of vials present in a tray.

Case Studies

Our solutions are running successfully across a variety of different industries and applications.
Piston Ring Counting
Automated Gear Teeth Counting
Gear Teeth Counting
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