Qualitas Develops 3D Solder Inspection Machine

By February 22, 2017January 24th, 2022News
3D Solder Inspection Machine

We’re pleased to announce our brand new product for the electronics segment. With the growth of electronics manufacturing in India we have been getting many requests for quality control automation. With a lot of Research and Development, we’re finally out with a 3d based solder inspection system. Overcoming limitations with 2D image processing where accurate and reliable inspection can be a challenge. Using the latest blue light scanning technology from Micro-Epsilon we have developed our in-house 3d algorithms to measure common defects that occur during the automated soldering process. With precision servo driven motors and a PLC controlled architecture, we have developed our first version of this product which will be deployed at a leading automotive electronics component manufacturer.

The working of the system can be observed through the above video We look forward to serving other needs in this exciting segment.

The system scans multiple arrays of solder pins present on the PCB. The positions are pre-programmed into the system for each variant / model, and can capture the following defects

  • Open Solder
  • Short
  • Bent Pin
  • Missing Pin

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