New Advanced Vision Sensor From Teledyne Dalsa

By April 10, 2019January 24th, 2022News
New Machine Vision Sensor Tool from Teledyne Dalsa

Teledyne DALSA, a global leader in machine vision technology, announced its new and low-cost BOA Spot XL vision sensors for industrial automation and inspection.

This new machine vision sensor tool is designed for error proofing, identification, general inspection, and robot guidance. We at Qualitas have used Vision Guided Robotics in quite a few applications.  BOA Spot XL vision sensors deliver the best performance and capabilities in its class. The all-in-one BOA Spot XL is loaded with integrated LED lighting, lens cover and easy-to-use application software, providing high-value capabilities at a low cost. The primary applications are

  • Positioning
  • Part location
  • Pattern verification
  • Gauging, feature
  • Defect detection
  • Identification (OCR, Barcode decoding)

Inspections using this vision tool can be triggered by parts in motion or from a PLC after being moved into a stationary position. Compatible protocols, such as Ethernet/IP and PROFINET, provide standard languages to easily communicate with 3rd party equipment or the factory enterprise.

It comes with surface-mounting options and a slim form factor lends automation and system developers the benefit of positioning the BOA Spot XL in tight places.

The BOA Spot XL is available immediately. For more information, including product specifications and ordering details, please contact us.

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