Refrigerator OQC Report Generation- Case Study

automated oqc report generation

Our client is one of the largest Korean multi-industry companies that produces electronics, chemicals, and telecommunications products in over 80 countries. They control a big portion of the electronics market worldwide and since 2008,  they remain one of the world’s top 5 LCD television manufacturers. The company has 128 operations worldwide, employing 83,000 people.

Problems Faced By Our Client :

Automated OQC Check Sheet/Report Generation which consists of a combination of checkpoints checked using:

Machine Vision: Printing/Component Presence/Absence inspection.
●Barcode Verification: Verify the Barcodes present in Carton Box and Machine and whether it matches the expected barcode.
●Manual (Visual) Inspection – Manual Entry to be made in Software.

The current process was done manually since it was time-consuming, they wanted to minimize the inspection time and that’s why they opted for the vision system.

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