Primary And Secondary Package Inspection- Case Study

By August 12, 2021April 13th, 2022FMCG, Success Stories
Automated Packaging Inspection

Our client is one of the largest snack companies in the world with global net revenues of $25.9 billion. It offers products including biscuits, candies, gum, chocolate, beverages, etc. The company operates in 80 countries across the globe, with 80,000 employees working in different verticals.


To inspect the following parameters on primary & secondary packing
– Integrity of OCR printed in primary packing
– Identify Flap Defects in primary packing
– Flap gaps (>5mm).
– Flap Misalignment (>1mm)
– Glue Gap (>2.5mm)
– Presence/absence of secondary packings in the infeed bucket


– Ink cartridge drying out caused unexplicit prints
– The dislodged orientation of the box resulted in misalignment/misplacement of the
– Incorrect positioning of the box led to the misalignment of the flaps
– Fluctuated amount of glue causes a gap in the flaps
– Inaccuracy in counts and mismatch in SKUs packaging

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