Fill Level Inspection Of Molten Aluminium In Moulding Machine

Automated Visual Monitoring - Molten Metal Fill Level

Our client delivers furnaces, heat treatment systems, and solutions across the globe. By managing and maintaining a state of art heat treatment facility with processes ranging from Hardening to Nitriding, Solutionizing to Vacuum Annealing & Brazing, we as users ourselves build furnaces and integrated heat treatment systems that are built-to-last in construction, easy to maintain, and are result-oriented in performance.

Furnaces are used as a central heat system. They are used to provide heat to an interior space through intermediary fluid movement.

Problems Faced By Our Client :

  • The molten metal that needs to be poured into the ladle has a high temperature of around 700-800 degrees celsius. This makes the operation to be hazardous and manual operations are not recommended
  • Other measuring techniques like a level gauge in the furnace or weighing scale in the molder were failed due to instability in the molten aluminum to inspect the fill level

Keywords: Fill Level Sensors, Automated Fill Level Inspection Machine Vision, Molten Aluminum Inspection

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