Bottle Cap,OCR, Level, Label and Barcode Inspection

Our client has a worldwide network and you can find their ingredients in many global and local leading brands of beverages, dairy products, and bakery products around the world. They are one of the largest Danish suppliers of fruit-based raw materials and semi-manufactures.

Bottle Cap,OCR, Level, Label and Barcode Inspection

Problems Faced By Our Client :

  • The current process was a manual process in which the bottles were manually examined for the label, bottle cap presence/absence, barcode printed on the bottles, and also on the final crate, fill level, and the OCR printed on them.
  • The process is done to make sure that the bottles that are going out of production are printed with the correct OCR, have the correct bottles, and have the correct level of content in them.
  • As it is a manual process and multiple components need to be examined, it was a tedious task and left a lot of room for human error.
  • The incorrect labeling, incorrect level, or incorrect OCR could disturb the flow of the entire production line, and it could result in a potential revenue loss for the customer.

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