Automated Bearing Inspection- Needle Bearings- Use Case

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Bearing Inspection - Automated

Our client is one of the finest Technologies in the world in Needle Bearing manufacturing. They became associated with India’s most progressive business group in the field in the year 200. They have the capability of manufacturing their own special purpose machines required for Bearing manufacturing.


  • Due to the high-speed line (3 bearings/second), the bearing with a missing needle is being missed to inspect and shipped to the customers.
  • The false acceptance rate is 21 percent whereas false rejection is approx 3 percent.
  • Large production volume of bearing requires huge manpower and yet the accuracy of assembly verification is 74 percent
  • Inspection is time consuming and hence prolonging the time of supply to their customers


  • To automate the process of identifying missing needles in needle bearings
  • Expedite the inspection process to meet the client’s demand
  • To reduce/manpower in order to cut down the quality cost
  • Inspect SKUs varied a lot in terms of size, from 125 mm to 160 mm

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