Touch Screen Test Automation

Qualitas has developed a complete solution for automating touch gestures for a touch device which can work for any touch (capacitive or resistive) touch sensitive devices.To meet high level of industry standards and competitive edge, touch panel devices undergo rigorous quality inspection tests through complete automation.

With increase in touch screen demand across various devices, it has become very essential for touch screen and device manufacturers to test touch screen functionality. Automated touch screen testing also help OEM to test their overall product performance like Tablet, Mobile phones etc and on top of it, product manufacturers can use it for new product development of hardwares like graphics card, processor etc.Touch bot is configurable and comes with a selection of modules, components and solutions for testing touch panels and touch-enabled devices.

With the state of an art device, Qualitas Touch bot incubated with complete touch panel testing automation functionalities and excels customer product development

–          Shortened “Time to market” with automated testing

–          Remote testing, diagnosis and capture all test results data

–          Create benchmark and gain competitive edge over superior product

–          Test new kind of control and activation methods


Bot Software Features:

  • Optional server mode (which accepts test commands through remote clients)
  • Support for basic shapes (circle, rectangle, circle)
  • Support for basic touch gestures: tap, double tap, swipe, flick
  • Fully configurable touch delays, pressure and speed
  • Programmable to take an array of commands for sequence testing
  • 1080p camera that can record test sequences for later playback

Here are some of the key features of this solution:

Bot Hardware Features:

  • Support for upto 2 DUT (Device under Test)
  • Flexible mounting options can handle large to small devices
  • Touch positional accuracies of upto 100 microns
  • Speeds upto 300 mm/sec
  • 4 axis programmable robot that can test devices upto 400mm in height
  • Auto height calibration (for devices placed at different heights)
  • Auto pixel calibration
  • Multiple screen layout (landscape, portrait) support
  • Safety sensors for human interference and stylus presence detection
  • High quality aluminum body built for minimal vibrations at high speeds
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