Smart factory & Real time data – Role of vision system

Industry 4.0 !! Smart factory !! M2M ! IoT ! are the most buzz words in manufacturing industry in the recent times. One has to agree its topic of ocean, lot to connect and much to debate. But Vision system remains to be one of key element when it comes to Smart factory and Industry 4.0, see below infographic


Today, manufacturers across many industrial sectors use highly automated production systems that communicate across work cells, production lines, and push real-time production information to supervisory levels, operational dashboards, MES, and other operational and business intelligence applications. Moreover, automation suppliers have developed vertical integration architectures that allow production data to flow upward from connected machines, production lines, and work cells; and automation components such sensors, actuators, and drives. Best way to start is automate production systems and all of the sensors, vision cameras, controllers, and devices connected to machines and production equipment. Next would be factory visibility, HMI/SCADA, dashboards, and factory intelligence systems, all of which provide factory personnel and managers with real-time actionable information. Having access to real-time information anywhere and anytime can significantly shorten the time between when a problem occurs and when it’s acted upon.


Having “Make in India” campaign has taken center stage and India is well poised where smart factory and Industry 4.0 becomes more relevant in Indian manufacturing industry. If you are visiting  Hannover-Germany, dont forget to visit HANNOVER MESSE 2015, 13 – 17 April to know latest manufacturing industry trends and take a look at Hall 6 to know more about “Make in India” opportunity.

Qualitas has successfully commissioned vision systems which takes our client towards smart factory and our system enables (will discuss on specific projects in weeks to come)

  • Integrate vision system data with MES/Workflow management/ERP/BI
  • Provide real time data to shop floor managers
  • Data analytics and data reporting feature

We also plan to launch machine vision system possibly include

1. Health status of machines

2. Root cause analysis of product quality issues in real time, Why my product quality is failing

  • Alert maintenance team about tool wear out or tooling causing product quality issue
  • Alert purchase/supplier about short of components in order to meet work order when components quality failure is beyond threshold limit in the production line (in real time)
  • Alert product/design team if quality issues due to poor design and integration
  • Synchronize machines in factory line to meet production rate to avoid any idle time though there may be product rejections due to quality issues

Opportunities are endless and innovation is the sky limit. Qualitas has proven many a times with strong expertise in vision system, image processing, data analytics and integration to meet your factory automation needs. Feel free to call us if you want to evaluate this opportunity !

Courtesy: arcweb,IE

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