Release of GV-312T from Teledyne Dalsa

We’re pleased to announce the release of GV-312T an integrated system complete with a 12” touch screen display, 1.6GHz dual core processor and two Gigabit Ethernet camera ports. The slim-line form factor maximizes control panel real estate for PLCs, motions controllers and non-vision related components. The GV-312T is a good choice for customers who are looking for a complete system that is low-cost, expandable and applicable for a wide range of vision applications.

The GV312T touch screen vision processor. In built with vision processing software running Teledyne Dalsa’s Sherlock and Windows 7 OS.

The GV-312T is compatible with the full range of Teledyne DALSA Genie cameras. Applications using one or two cameras can connect directly to the Camera/LAN ports on the unit. Additional cameras can be accommodated using standard, low-cost Gigabit Ethernet switches. I/O connections, including camera trigger and light strobes, are interfaced using our standard PL-USB module. This module mounts inside the control panel and connects to one of the GV-312T USB ports (multiple PL-USB modules can be installed).
In addition to touch panel control, the front of the unit provides push button display adjustments and a USB port that provides convenient access for removable peripherals such as keyboard/mouse and backup storage.

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