Qualitas partners with Vidi Systems

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Qualitas is pleased to announce it’s partnership as a Preferred Systems Integrator with Vidi-Systems SA. ViDi Systems is disrupting the Machine Vision Industry by commercializing the first Deep Learning-based image analysis solution dedicated to industrial machine vision.

ViDi, which was founded in 2012 by the CPA Group and Dr. Reto Wyss is built upon more than 9 years of Deep Learning experience.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

What is special about Deep Learning?

Deep learning is a computational model which is built upon advanced Neural Networks which is a Machine Learning based computation model. What makes it so special is that it is:

  • Self Learning: No software development is required to train the system
  • Human like: It outperforms the best quality inspectors
  • Powerful: It solves hard to tackle or even impossible programming challenges

I am a System Integrator/Machine builder, can Deep Learning benefit me?

Vidi Suite Deep Learning software has been designed with easy integration in mind. Successful applications range from the Pharmaceutical, Medtech, Automotive, Textile, Printing, Logistics and Watchmaking industries. Machine Builders broaden their inspection solutions portfolio and drastically reduce their development time, speeding up their time-to-market.
System integrators, in addition to above-mentioned advantages, perform feasibility studies in minutes instead of days.

Is it expensive?

If you look at the license cost of this software, it would be more expensive than traditional machine vision software out there. However with the complexity that Vidi Suite can handle, this is not meant to be compared with existing software. Also with the self-learning capability, you can save tremendous manpower and support costs when you compare it with existing solutions.

I already use Machine Vision for my solution and it's working fine. Should I look to replace it with Vidi?

If your existing software for your application does the job, then Vidi is probably not the right fit for this application. Vidi is meant for problems which are either impossible to solve or require weeks if not months of programming and support using existing tools. With Vidi you could probably do this in days.

Which cameras does Vidi integrate with?

Vidi is a software suite, it does not come with camera drivers or software which will interface directly with cameras. However, there is a well-documented and extensive API (Application Programming Interface) which can be used to integrate with image acquisition drivers.

Applications using Vidi Suite

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