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AOS High Speed Cameras

High speed cameras can record the details of fast mechanical movements and play them back in slow motion. Whether industrial and research applications where high light sensitivity is required or applications under high g-force and vibration, AOS cameras prove their value by providing crisp clear images in slow motion to the user.

High-speed cameras are similar to conventional video cameras but have the ability to capture images at higher rates and increased shutter speeds (reduced exposure) beyond that of conventional video recorders. Consumer video cameras typically have image resolutions of 640×480 (VGA) and record images 30 times per second.

High-speed imaging systems come in stand-alone, handheld, and PC peripheral versions. Associated software can help monitor manufacturing processes and analyze imaging data.Over year’s High-speed automated manufacturing equipment, packaging equipment, and robots have greatly improved product quality and manufacturing capacity. Along with the resulting high speed and precision comes the challenge of maintaining and troubleshooting machines that perform assembly tasks with durations of only milliseconds.

As machine speeds have increased, so have the high-speed imaging motion-analysis tools used to help engineers see, measure, and understand motions that are a blur to the eye in real time.Engineers often use instrumentation data as well as high-speed images to understand machine dynamics. Electronic signals from accelerometers, strain gauges, load cells, switch positions, and voltages are a few of the data points that characterize the state of the mechanical process. The challenge of capturing high-speed images and electronic test data related to an event was greatly simplified with the introduction of a specialized software package. The package simplifies image and data capture by synchronizing the high-speed image acquisition from a PCI board with high-speed data acquisition from input-output hardware. This process results in images and data that are correlated at the time of acquisition.

Qualitas high-speed cameras for motion analysis will monitor fast manufacturing processes and provide intelligent output similar to machine-vision technology. Images will be acquired and analyzed within the camera and motion performance parameters fed to the machine control system every few milliseconds. Imaging technology will thus become common on manufacturing lines.


AOS Promonscope

PROMON SCOPE is a compact, ready-to-use high speed image streaming system. Its built-in high capacity solid state disk system records sequences for 40 minutes at 500fps and up to 2000fps. The ideal camera system to temporarily monitor industrial processes for troubleshooting, setup- and fine tuning applications. Some highlights of the system are :- 40 minutes recording capacity, max. frame rate of 2000fps, Touchscreen with gesture control, Event Markers and Motion Detection, A/D converter inputs etc.

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