Metrology grade 3D inspection

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Gocator 3506 stereo snapshot sensor

The Gocator 3506 stereo sensor is the next generation in 3d structured light innovation. High accuracy (12 μm) consolidated with incredible speed (3 Hz) make it perfect for the thorough investigation of little parts that are momentarily stationary in an inline process.

Scan rate (Hz) : 3
Resolution XY (μm) : 20-25
VDI/VDE Accuracy (μm) : 12
Field of View (mm) : 27 x 45 – 30 x 45
Measurement Range (mm):  25

One of the primary applications for this snapshot sensor is in automotive inspection as well as robotic guidance,

Gocator 3210 stereo snapshot sensor

This high accuracy snaptshot sensor delivers very high-resolution 3d scan data with resolutions up to 35 μm. The snaptshot sensor has scan rates up to 4 Hz it’s full field of view. It comes in a rugged IP67-rated industrial design that ensures reliable and repeatable results in demanding inline inspection applications.

Scan rate (Hz) : 4
Resolution XY (μm) : 60-90
VDI/VDE Accuracy (μm) : 35
Field of View (mm) : 71 x 98 – 100 x 154
Measurement Range (mm) : 110

The primary application of this sensor is in electronics and PCB inspection.

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