Machine Vision Illumination


Lighting for machine vision is probably the most commonly ignore component in machine vision.
However without the appropriate lighting the best images will not be captured thus decreasing accuracy
and reliability of the machine vision task. We offer a wide range of lighting solutions from basic area lights to custom
dome lights for specialized applications.

Back Lights

Back lights are one of the most popular forms of  vision illumination providing maximum contrast between component and background, producing a high contrast image with consistent edge definition. We offer the back lights in a wide range of sizes you can choose from  to suit your aplication.


Spot Lights

Spot Lights are one of the most commonly used forms of lighting designed for non-specular, diffused surface lighting in applications that necessitate a low-cost solution.

Ring Lights

Ring Lights are used in applications which require a near-shadowless illumination of diffused surfaces using a single light source. Some of the common applications using ring lights include label identification and surface inspection.


Linear Lights

Linear Lights are a cost-effective source of uniform illumination. These lights may be used to illuminate flat, diffused surfaces or as a  source of non-diffused  incident lighting.

Dome Lights

Dome Lights are a source of diffused, uniform lighting which provide practical and cost-effective solutions to illuminate curved, reflectivey or specular surfaces.


Diffused Axial Lights

Diffuse Axial Lights use beam splitter technology to generate unifrom co-axial illumination in line with camera viewing axis. Diffuse axial lights eliminate hot spots observed in other forms of illumination.

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