Machine Vision Cameras

A smart camera is a vision system that takes images and also processes them to perform intelligent inspections.  Smart cameras have the advantage of a more compact form factor compared to PC-based vision system, and often come at a lower cost. We offer the leading brands of smart cameras as seen below.

2D/3D Cameras

Dalsa Corporation

DALSA’s BOA is one of the most compact and rugged smart camera system available. The BOA comes in three flavors: – VGA (640 x 480) monochrome – VGA (640 x 480) color – High Resolution (1280 x 960) monochrome

DataVS2 (Datalogic)

DataVS2 is a smart camera that comes up with integrated optics and lighting thus making it one of the more cost effective products in the market. The sensor is configured via PC through Ethernet interface with the help of an easy to use configuration software application. DataVS2 is available in two different versions Object recognition (OBJ) and Advanced Object recognition (AOR).

Gocator 3D (LMI)

Gocator 3D is a rugged smart 3D sensor. No software development or specialized training and OS is required. Gocator’s all in one design comes up with integrated camera and laser. Gocator is available in two different versions Smart 3D Displacement sensors and Smart 3D Profile sensors.


Digital Cameras

Basler ACE Cameras

The popular ACE series of cameras from Basler AG, are area scan cameras having the ability to be used in a wide range of applications. Some of the features of these cameras are high price/performance ratio, compatibility with GigE, USB 3 or CamLink data transfer interfaces and higher fps, among many others.

Runner Series Cameras

Providing line scan cameras with lower resolutions and higher cost effectiveness, the Runner Series of cameras from Basler are great for simple applications. The quality of images during inspection performance is excellent over a wide range of frequencies, keeping noise levels down to a minimum.

Racer Series Cameras

Racer series are line scan cameras designed by Basler. Mostly used in a multi-camera setup design, these cameras provide a wide range of resolutions from 2K pixels to 12K pixels. The data transfer method used can be either GigE or CamLink. Their smaller dimensions provide for easier housing design as well.


Vision Appliances

GEVA 300 (Dalsa Corporation)

The new GEVA-300 is a fanless, compact vision system for multi-camera applications. Like the more robust GEVA-1000, the GEVA-300 features expandable Gigabit Ethernet camera interfaces to offer higher performance at lower cost, but also delivers space savings thanks to the new smaller, fanless form factor, tolerating harsh factory conditions and varying temperatures.

GEVA 1000 (Dalsa Corporation)

GEVA is a high-performance industrial controller that offers excellent cost savings for multi-camera vision applications, such as final inspection of large assemblies. As the name implies, GEVA provides expandable Gigabit Ethernet camera interfaces that significantly drive down system cost. At the heart of GEVA is a powerful dual core processor, equipped with high-speed memory resources to tackle the most demanding applications. Two dedicated camera ports are provided, each with enough bandwidth to easily support eight 640×480 mono cameras imaging parts at 60 per second. The camera ports are compatible with a wide range of mono or color, area and line scan GigE cameras in a range of resolutions.

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