Line Scan Systems (Part II) : Print Inspection

Following up with our last blog post, where we discussed how line scan systems can be used to great effect for PCB Inspection, in this post we will discuss how line scan technology is a great bet in the print industry too.

The Print Industry quality process, as many readers of our blog will be aware, is a secondary inspection process. The quality of the print on the packages does not directly affect the product quality itself. Why then you may ask is such an importance being placed on Print quality on bottles/cigarette packets/biscuit packets etc? It stems from the laws governing quality of manufactured goods in India. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India has laid down Packaging and Labeling Regulations in 2011, under which it is necessary to ensure quality and consistency in print and labels.

As a machine vision solution provider, we are required to constantly analyse requirements of our customers to determine whether a specific print application demands a line scan or an area scan system. While Area scan offers greater simplicity for smaller print regions (take a look at this post), line scan provides the most robust solution when the printed regions to be checked are much larger.

We have included some images below of our work with line scan systems for inspection of print. Contact us in case of any queries or requirements.

(The setup and the image obtained with a 2K line scan camera for an FOV of 300mm x 250mm)
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