Qualitas develops solution for high speed web inspection

Qualitas Technologies provides solutions in the high speed webs. This solution is based on line scanning technologies, using line scan cameras with speeds upto 90Khz line rates.

High Speed Web Inspection Solutions

Basic architecture of a high Speed Web Inspection system

As seen from the above picture. This system consists of the following components:

Line Scan Camera with lens

We use Teledyne Dalsa’s latest HS TDI Line scan series line scan cameras in these systems.  Line scan cameras are based on the principe of scanning a single row of pixels with a high resolution (upto 12,000 pixels). The latest TDI sensors is based on the break through TDI (Time Delay Interfacing) technology. TDI is a method of line scanning which provides dramatically increased responsivity compared to other video scanning methods. For more detailed information on how TDI works, you can visit the TDI Primer Page.

High Intensity Line Light

For line scan systems to be successful line lights of greater 100,000 lux is required for accurate scanning. With the right combination of output power and wavelength of light – we select the appropriate light in your application.

Frame Grabber

Depending on the application we use an appropriate CameraLink frame grabber from one of Teledyne Dalsa’s line of grabbers and cards. We carefully analyze your requirement to come up with the right selection of boards depending on throughput, processing power required and number of cameras to be interfaced into the system. We have extended the use of this  frame grabber to  interfaces directly with the shaft encoder and the trigger from a laser/photoelectric sensor to trigger the frame capture from the line scan camera. This ensures high accuracy of scanninga and pixel perfect synchronization between the image capture hadware with the conveyor. With this technology, speeds of > 5 mts/second line speeds can be achieved.

Industrial PC

Depending on process power and integration requirements of your applications we customize an Industrial PC to cater to your requirement. In extremely high speed environments we also provide offline processing in a separate process (to separate the image capture with the processing). This allows the software to be decoupled from the capture process so that frames are not skipped due to delay in image processing.

Shaft Encoder

The selection of the right shaft encoder and resolution is critical to ensure accurate synchronization between the grabber and the conveyor. If the resolution is too high then the frame rates increase beyond the scanning speed. If the resolution is too low then the sharpness of the images are affected. Thus the right encoder must be matched depending on the requirements of the system.

Photo Electric/Laser Sensor

These are used to signal the start/stop of the frame, and is important to choose the right sensor technology especially when high scanning speeds are at play.

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