High Speed Process Monitoring

Qualitas Technologies is pleased to announce that it has partnered with AOS Technologies to offer high speed streaming systems for industrial process monitoring. Accurate high speed recordings are a must in demanding industrial environments for process monitoring, condition monitoring and industrial troubleshooting. Manufacturing companies are highly dependent on smoothly performing processes, and any error, shutdown, or extended downtime may result in reduced performance, and thereby production.

The high speed image systems allow customers to set up a fast image capturing system on their existing PCs, which include portable computers. The system records directly to the hard disk of the computer for several hours without interruption. Playing back the captured image sequences in slow motion enables easy troubleshooting and fine-tuning.

The link below illustrates high speed monitoring system at work:

Process Monitoring in the bottling industry

High speed image systems are employed in industries as food processing, packaging and assembling. Systems as PROMON SCOPE, PROMON Mobile and PROMON Streaming offered by AOS Technologies enable efficient monitoring of production lines, thus facilitating easy problem solving and better manufacturing practices.

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