BoA 2 Smart camera – Hi Resolution, Robust inbuilt intelligent tools

Smart cameras are getting smarter and better ! Teledyne Dalsa’s NEXT GENERATION BOA OFFERS MORE RESOLUTION, PERFORMANCE AND INTEGRATION !!

BoA 2 smart cameraNEXT GENERATION BOA OFFERS MORE RESOLUTION, PERFORMANCE AND INTEGRATION BOA2 vision systems are designed for applications that require higher image resolution and performance. These systems are well suited for precision part measuring and can detect small defects that are lost or difficult to distinguish with lower resolution sensors. BOA2 systems can image and inspect large parts or large surface areas, thus reducing the number of sensors and overall cost of deployment. Three resolution models are offered with two, three or five megapixel sensor formats.

LIGHTING OPTIONS: Like all BOA smart cameras, BOA2 provides a direct connection to external 24V light sources with built-in strobe control. The BOA2 XA2 and XA3 models can optionally be equipped with a high intensity ring light with built-in collimators that provide uniform illumination across the target.

BoA 2 smart camera with light

BoA 2 smart camera specifications

The BOA2 XA5 will be initially offered with iNspect Express 1.9 offering new features and tools such as: • Multi-point calibration • Variable (unimportant) pattern masking • Acceptable feature variation learning • Thread inspection • Additional pre processors, tool features and scripting functions.

ACCESSORIES: BOA2 is offered with a new PL-101 Panel Link module. This DIN mountable interface provides convenient wiring and I/O isolation at the control panel through a standard M12 cordset. Other optional accessories include lenses, lens protection caps, filters, lights, interface cables, power supplies, display controllers and HMI touch panels.

We will share more details once we have receive our first shipment and feel free to reach us if you have any queries.

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