Bang !! All-In-One 3D Profile Sensor with Dual Cameras

Gocator 2880 3D measurement sensor

Gocator 2880 comes in a narrow, IP67-rated industrial housing with a small footprint, making it an ideal quality control solution that seamlessly integrates with existing systems and can withstand the demanding physical conditions of factory floors in industries such as wood and packaging.

The 2880 product launch also includes a Gocator firmware update from version 4.0 to 4.1.

The Main Benefits of the Gocator 2880 3D Smart Profile Sensor Include:

2880_icon1 Complete Scans of Large, Complex Objects

The Gocator 2880‘s built-in dual cameras allow it to create complete scans of large objects, using large fields of view to scan over and around complicated shapes with protruding features such as knots on logs or occlusions around box sides and flaps.

Gocator 2880 datasheet

2880_icon2  Delivers Seamless High Speed Data Acquisition

The Gocator 2880‘s high speed data aquisition allows for full flexibility in optimizing scanning parameters to fit manufacturing and processing requirements specific to your business needs.

2880_icon3  Standalone and Scalable Functionality


The Gocator 2880 can effortlessly scale to multiple sensors using LMI master hubs. Master hubs manage power distribution, laser safety interlock, encoder and digital input handling and microsecond synchronization. The 2880 can also make inspection decisions completely standalone with its powerful built-in measurement tools and no controllers required.

2880_icon4  Easy-To-Integrate And Use

Standardized cabling and compact 500mm unit size make this sensor easy to fit into tight spaces or existing machines. What’s more, Gocator 2880‘s Firmware 4.1 improves process optimization with additional features such as rich filtering for removing noise and outliers from acquired data; material selection for achieving the best possible data on targets with difficult or irregular material surfaces; plus built-in tools such as Countersunk Hole to measure the center position, depth, outside diameter, bevel angle and more.

Gocator 2880 datasheet available here

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