Automobile recall is on the rise – Are you in the list

Automobile recall on rise due to quality issues In much evolving automotive industry, competition for automobile manufacturer is not from outside rather one within, how. Lot of companies is losing their market share with one of factor being selling low quality products. It was very much evident in 2014, with most auto majors recalling their vehicles because of defective parts gone into their product. One may still argue we never let our customer down, we are fixing defective parts but at what cost?

–          Lost your credibility

–          You have put customer at stake with safety concerns

–          Pay for cost of quality popularly known as “1:10:100”

–          Let your customers go to look for better products in the market

–        Brand image damaged not only in front of existing customer but also future customer

In India – Maruti Suzuki Recalls 33098 Units of Alto 800 and Alto K10

In an age where information rules, and where the price of failure is so high, why do recall problems continue to make headlines every month? Why is quality so hard to control in the automotive industry?

Major us auto makers recalls statisticsIf you start to hold your breath and start thinking what is it really causing this chaos, having global manufacturing footprint, multiple vendors, sophisticated manufacturing technology, supply chain and logistics handling are playing their bit in this whole drama. Is there a way to control it, yes.

1. Use available modern technology to its full breadth and width to tighten your quality standards all along your fence let it be internally, business partners and with vendors.

2. Make sure all components are traceable that comes and goes out of your factory

3. Having all data’s are recorded and manipulated leading to meaningful decision making

4. Balance your act, Man vs Machine & production rate vs quality standards

Machine vision or computer vision is a comprehensive technology available for manufacturing sector across all segments to control product quality issues. It reduces human error, improves consistency of product outcome and meets global quality standards. Today’s machine vision scheme helps you to do data analytics and report generation, system integration with other enterprises intelligence systems. Please stay connected how Qualitas technologies help its clients in automated report generation and data logging’s from machine vision inspection systems which helps user to troubleshoot and execute root cause analysis thats dragging quality of products.


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