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LMI Technologies has been innovating in machine vision since 1978 and the outcome of it’s extensive research and development are some of the world’s best 3d inspection products. Qualitas is in partnership with LMI Technologies providing it’s flagship products – Gocator for the Indian sub-continent.

The corporate video says it all.

LMI Technologies Products

Single Point Discplacement Sensor

Measure 3D thickness, height, and surface roughness at up to 32,000 Hz with Gigabit Ethernet data delivery with these accurate single point laser measurement devices.

Line Profile Sensor

The Gocator 2000 series is a line profiler that provides a height map across a profile line. When this line is moved across the part, the entire part can be imaged with a 3d height map.

Snapshot sensor

This is the latest product from LMI Technologies and an industry’s first. The snapshot sensor uses structured light technology to capture the entire 3d depth map with a single shot, hence the name snapshot.

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